Welcome to the vibrant
world of Toma Zale!

My art captures the outer beauty of nature, yet my artistic style boldly reflects my inner warrior. Each brushstroke, palette knife movement, or choice of color is a direct expression of my inner state.

The process of art creation is a cathartic release, –an externalization and shaping into the form what lies within. I love bright and rich colors to amplify the energy and I often use the palette knife, with its dynamic and unpredictable movements to translate the rich tapestry of feelings and strong almost masculine energy.


Yet, I love tranquility and beauty. The alluring world of the flowers captivates me, becoming the focal point of my paintings, signifying the feminine side. I am often dreamy and nostalgic, immersing in childhood memories or reflective moments. My art reflects my personality, and my utmost wish is for the viewer to enjoy my paintings as much as I love to create them.

My career, like my art, captures various aspects of my personality. In 2000 I graduated from New York University, and I continuously enrich my twenty plus-year experience in the financial industry with the desire for creativity and self-expression.

I began painting “by accident”, seven years ago, when came to pick up my son from the art class. I have never left the classroom since, learning with many renown New York artists; constantly striving to improve my techniques mastering the “science behind the art”, while elaborating on imagination.  I enjoy teaching art classes to adults in Brooklyn and Staten Island, where I also held several private exhibitions.

In 2021, I was honored as a recipient of the City Artist Corps Grant, a recognition of my commitment to sustain artistic practice and engaging the public across New York City.

In 2023, I was accepted as a Signature Member to the National Association of Women Artists (NAWA) and participated in the 134th Annual NAWA Members Exhibition.

In December of 2023, in enjoyed the participation in the Red Dot Miami, a prestigious gallery-only international art fair showcasing contemporary art.

My passion for creativity and self-expression also led me to the world of acting. Performing at Essence Theater-Studio in Brooklyn, I enjoy the wide spectrum of women roles which so much enhances my understanding of human nature and character.

Teaching and Coaching

 Since 2018, I have served as an art instructor, guiding adults through a creative journey at various centers, community spaces, parties, and entertainment venues. My lessons cover a range of topics, including color theory, perspective, landscape, seascape, still life, abstract, and Neurographica©. I believe in providing a step-by-step instructional approach to achieve quality work while encouraging students to develop their personal styles and expressions.

My classes are designed to be fun and joyful, fostering a warm and friendly atmosphere. They serve as a great place for mental rejuvenation, creativity, and socialization. It is not just about learning art; it’s about creating an environment where minds can recharge, creativity can flourish, and individuals can connect through shared artistic experiences.

As a Life Art Coach since 2016, I assist clients in transforming their lives and achieving personal and professional goals. Through active listening and potent questioning, I use Neurographica© as a visual tool to support clients in goal clarification, conflict resolution, time management, and task organization.


  • Art Expo New York, New York, NY April 2024
  • Red Dot Miami, Miami FL December 2023
  • 134th Annual NAWA Members Exhibition, New York, NY
  • 43rd Annual Hilltop Fine Art Show, Sparta, NJ
  • Essence Theater-Studio Solo Exhibit, Brooklyn, NY
  • Staten Island Vendor and Talent Festival, Staten Island, NY
  • Woodclif Park Solo Exhibit, Bating Hollow, NY


  • Institute of Analytical Coaching, Ericson Coaching International
  • ICF Accredited Life Coach (PCC level)
  • Psychology of Creative Institute: Neurographica© Instructor Corse
  • Innovative Art Course by Elena Zelenina: Art Completes You
  • New York University, Baruch College CUNY

As you explore my artworks, join me in classes, or delve into the world of Neurographica©, my hope is that you not only see the colors and forms but also feel the invitation to embrace your own creative journey. Let’s paint the canvas of life with imagination, joy, and self-discovery.